Tanks preparing to upgrade, use blasting technology, thanks to which we are able to thoroughly clean out the dirt, rust and residues have been previously applied layers such as varnish, paint or coating bitumen. This process is used both inside and outside the tank, which allows a suitably rough surface, which has a significant impact on the stability of the newly imposed coatings.


To fully satisfy the customer, our company also offers extracurricular adding sockets to the ordered tank. Through the use of proven nozzles and properly carried out the process of welding, tanks Agrotex represent the highest quality and safety class.


After previously conducted sanding process, the surface of the tank is applied corrosion primer minia type. Then, depending on the findings of the client and the destination tank, we put another layer on it such as: - epoxy resin NIH-approved, - polyurethane foam, - chlorinated paint, - protection of bitumen.