100000L water or fire water tank

100 m³

Quantity: 40

PRICE: 13200€

Steel tank 100.000l Underground or above ground
The diameter and length of the tank with convex bottoms is 2.85x 16.40m, and with flat bottoms it is 2.90x15m. Dimensions may vary slightly depending on the tank.

Two versions available:  
Wall thickness: 8mm, weight: 12t. Price 13 200€,
Wall thickness: 5mm, weight 9t. Price 12 300€.

Externally painted with a corrosion resistant epoxy coating Internally painted with anti-corrosive paint
Possibility to include ladder.
We can weld additional accessories for the price of the tank.
The tanks have Operation and Maintenance Documentation and Declaration of Conformity.
 All parts are approved by the fire brigade (fire tank).
Two years warranty.
Ten-year paint warranty.